Lan Oatmeal
 浅灰色沙发前是铺着蓝色天鹅绒的43英寸软垫沙发,旁边是蓝色郁金香椅. The back wall is brick and windows.

在一张浅灰色沙发前,在蓝色郁金香椅旁边,穿着蓝色天鹅绒的Pouf 43英寸软垫. The back wall is brick and windows.

 Velluto Stone

Photographed in Velluto Stone

 Velluto Aqua

Photographed in Velluto Aqua

 Lan Oatmeal

Photographed in Lan Oatmeal

 Velluto Stone

Photographed in Velluto Stone


Overall: 43"dia. 18"h

Seat Height: 18"h

Weight: 51lbs


Swivel: n/a

Swivel Glider: n/a

Upholstered: Yes

Slipcovered: n/a

Customizable: Yes

Inside Green Available: Yes


Leg: 0.25"h

Removable: Yes

When Slipcovered: n/a

When Upholstered: Metal Glide

Finish: Metal


Fabric: 4.5 yards (may vary)

Leather: 81 sf


Frame: FSC® Certified Hard Wood

Support: Webbing

Made in: USA

What is Inside Green™?

澳门星际现金的Inside Green™是天然健康家具的终极选择. It is our uniquely smart, healthy, responsible, alternative method of building furniture made entirely from FSC® Woods, Organic Latex, Jute, Hemp, Wool, Organic Feathers and Down. 这些天然材料不仅在舒适和寿命方面优越, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. Every product in the Cisco line can be ordered and built Inside Green™.

What Is “Organic” Furniture, and Why Is It Important?

The dictionary defines organic as: relating to, or derived from living organisms; simple, healthful, close to nature; relating to or affecting organs or an organ of the body. 当涉及到食物和药物时,我们都开始理解和欣赏这些术语, 但是,同样的原则和意识很少被放在我们摆满家里的家具上. 我们在澳门星际现金的目标是打造尽可能健康的家具. 我们的原材料只来自最好的有机和可持续的来源. 澳门星际现金专门与从事人道和公平贸易业务的供应商合作, and is extremely selective when it comes to choosing materials.