Prairie Oatmeal (discontinued)

Photographed in Prairie Oatmeal (discontinued)


Photographed in Velluto玫瑰

 Mavis Khaki (discontinued)

Photographed in Mavis Khaki (discontinued)


Photographed in 马特奥的石头

总体: 58 35 d“w 38 h

坐空间: 50 w x 30 d

座椅高度: 17"h

臂高度: 29"h

重量: 112磅



睡眠: n/a

软垫: 是的

沙发套: n/a

可定制的: 是的

Inside Green Available: 是的

腿: 3.5"h

可拆卸: No

当沙发套: n/a

当软垫: 锥形

完成: Maple Wood with Umber Stain


座垫: 高靠背座椅

靠背垫: 宽松的回

Accent Pillows Included: 两个


面料: 11码(可能不同)

皮革: n/a


框架: FSC®认证木材

支持: 8路手结

制造: 美国

什么是Inside Green™?

澳门星际现金的Inside Green™是天然健康家具的终极选择. It is our uniquely smart, 健康的, 负责任的, alternative method of building furniture made entirely from FSC® Woods, 有机乳胶, 黄麻, 麻, 羊毛, Organic Feathers and Down. 这些天然材料不仅在舒适和寿命方面优越, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. Every product in the Cisco line can be ordered and built Inside Green™.

What Is “Organic” Furniture, and Why Is It Important?

The dictionary defines organic as: relating to, or derived from living organisms; simple, 健康的, close to nature; relating to or affecting organs or an organ of the body. 当涉及到食物和药物时,我们都开始理解和欣赏这些术语, 但是,同样的原则和意识很少被放在我们摆满家里的家具上. 我们在澳门星际现金的目标是打造尽可能健康的家具. 我们的原材料只来自最好的有机和可持续的来源. 澳门星际现金专门与从事人道和公平贸易业务的供应商合作, and is extremely selective when it comes to choosing 材料.